New Year’s Resolutions…


Here’s a question…Why don’t children make New Year’s resolutions? I’ve never met one who even thought about doing so. Perhaps it is because as children, they already live the life they should be living.  And maybe we can learn from them…

Children of the New Year

Children live in the present, with no regret or unforgiveness weighing from  yesterdays,

nor worries or fears of yet traveled ways.

Children live in wonder of every color, rock, and rain,          

not lulled yet to a life where all is mundane.

Children take their joys fully as they come,

never concerned there won’t be another one.

Children live truly as themselves, unconcerned with fame,

free from striving to fit in and be the same.

Children laugh and cry in equal measures,

easily appreciating both treasures.

Children live vulnerably, admitting hurt and need,

trusting others, loving simply, living life indeed.

Live as a child this new year through,

unto God as the most authentic “you.”


—————————————————– HAPPY NEW YEAR!——————————————————————–

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    • Hey…yes, you are a busy woman with all that love around you! Praying for you and Mike daily! Blessings abundant…

  1. OK, that one made me cry! What a great perspective shifter… I NEVER EVER thought about children not setting New Year’s Resolutions. Such great words of wisdom….the faith of child! Make it so Lord Jesus!!!

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