Want What Is–Regrets


Sitting around the table, laughing, sharing and then the question was asked, “What do you regret most from 2011?”  Things got quiet.   That one powerful word- “regret”- immediately changed the mood.  As each person recalled perceived mistakes and past sins, a “weightedness” came over us.  Regrets don’t lead anywhere.  They often stall us and prevent us from growing and progressing. Regrets usually carry guilt with them, but we are the “uncondemned.”  In the silence of the moment I thought, “Want What Is.”  Could the idea apply to the past?  Why not?  Under a God who has accomplished the end already according to His perfect plan, a God, who as our pastor says, “…uses what He hates to accomplish what He loves,” we of all people can say, “I wouldn’t have chosen that path, but because God is my father, I want what is.”

Words you can’t take back, a relationship you should have ended earlier, not realizing the road your teen was headed down, missing opportunities to play with your little ones, buying that unneeded item, hurting your husband….regrets.  Don’t let them weigh you down any longer.  Repent, ask forgiveness, and want the path you have trod, it is in His hands.  God is the God of second, third, fourth…..chances.  He can redeem anything.  Anything.

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  1. Thank you for the right thinking that God uses everything in our lives to mold us, shape us, and remind us of our great need for Him…
    Wanting to be more intentional… to simplify… to be with our Abba… to Know Him…

  2. The phrase “no regrets” has always bugged me. Living a life of no regrets would mean perfection – and so is impossible. It’s a set up for failure. But the idea of REDEEMED regrets, now that I like. Sure there are plenty of regrets from the past (from 2011 and beyond) – anyone who says otherwise is either lying or crazy. But having a gracious Father who redeems those regrets and transforms regrets into glory, lessons or growth, now that’s exciting and hope-filled!

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