Do you have fleas? (Want What Is…day 14)


If you have or have had young children in school, you have probably had to check heads for lice before. Not a fun experience at all. But how about checking for fleas?…

I just re-read The Hiding Place, the story of Betsy and Corrie ten Boom and their experiences in German concentration camps in WWII.  Upon entering Ravensbruck, the notorious women’s extermination camp, they found their “beds” swarming with fleas.  Betsy encouraged Corrie to give thanks for the fleas in obedience to God’s command to  “give thanks in all circumstances.”  Corrie responded, “Betsy, there’s no way even God can make me grateful for a flea!”  Betsy persisted, stressing the use of the word “all” in regards to which circumstances God’s children are to give thanks.  Corrie finally relented and gave thanks for the fleas.  As time went on the sisters wondered why they had such freedom with Bible teaching and praise in their barracks.  Finally, they discovered that the guards did not want to enter because of the infestation of fleas!  They were given the privilege of seeing what their faith couldn’t even imagine…that God could use fleas for His glory.    

 Do you have fleas?  I know I do. Certainly, we all experience situations and circumstances when we think, “even God can’t make me grateful for this!”  Consider choosing to be grateful, choosing to thank God for the fleas in faith as you serve Him. It’s a steep challenge. When I have done this in obedience, I experienced more joy, more love, and even sometimes gained a glimpse of how He used the “fleas” for His purposes.


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  1. The Hiding Place is one of my favorite all-time books for that reason: Betsy’s quote of “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” is one of those quotes that I hang my hat on and quote all the time-usually to myself. What hope. Thanks for the reminder

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