Wounds more than Words…


I told her I had dealt with depression before too.  Or rather, it had dealt with me.  Unfolding crossed arms, she leaned closer and asked about the hands that had carried me through.  I told her they were scarred.  Our God, I shared, is the only God–among all those who claim to be–to point to His scars.

For Jesus said to Thomas, “Reach here your finger and see my hands; and reach here your hand, and put it into My side; and be not unbelieving, but believing.” (Jn. 20:27)     It was His resurrected body, yet He still had wounds.  Rather than hide them, He revealed them to His doubting friend as proof of who He really was.

“Doubting” friends often approach Jesus as Thomas did. They long to see the wounds in those of us who are resurrected with Christ. Perfect people and places are entertaining, but offer little in the way of new life Frequently, it is the very limp in our walk, the tremor in our voice, the path of pain which leads others to declare, as Thomas did, “My Lord and my God!” (Jn. 20:28)

My friend hasn’t yet made that declaration. Our mutual brokenness has been a bridge for me to begin to show her the Way. When some believe upon hearing the Word, others have to touch our wounds.

Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio

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  1. I never thought about Thomas and his doubts like that… It seems many want to see a scar of real-life experiences before they are willing to trust in a friend and reveal their own vulnerability – Christian or non- Christian. How I long for Christian friends that will be so willing to share their real life struggles, pain and victories for the soul purpose of unifying the carnality of our life and desparate dependence on our Father. I need honesty and I think Thomas must have too.
    Thanks, Jill.

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