God’s “No”


Apparent silence from heaven can seem so loud and painful at times.  When the marriage continues to be difficult, finances fail, health lacks, or childlessness continues, we wonder if God even hears our pleas.  Because of the sacrifice of Christ, we know He always hears us and has a plan for us, even when His answer is ‘no’ to our present prayer.  

                       God’s “NO”

He whispers sweetly, “Yes,” when I kneel to pray.                  

Happy and at peace, I go along my way.


But when He says, “No, my dear, My answer’s for your best,”

I wonder, ‘Did He really hear?’ and I weep without His rest.


A loving God saying, “No” to me sounds cruel and unfair,

Why such a strange dichotomy, He seems truly not to care.


Fear, an unpleasant companion, becomes a consuming fire,

My eyes stray from my Champion, my situation grows more dire.


Increasingly desperate, emotions tighten their grasp,

My demand has made us “seperate,” His hand I long to clasp.


A little comprehension dawns–why His “no” was hard and fast,

The truth speaks from eternity, “It is for treasures that will last.”


His “no” is indeed a megaphone:  “This ‘bad’ I won’t make untrue,

Light on it I have shone, it’s out of love for you.”


So even though the “thorn” has stayed, He swears His glory to lift,

For a “no” to the very thing I prayed, has been the greatest gift.


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