The ram….


I keep thinking about the ram.  When the old man decided to obey God, he wasn’t thinking about rams.  When he took the first painful steps of obedience, he didn’t know a ram was beginning the climb on the other side.  When sweat beaded on his brow from the exertion of the climb-certainly- but mostly from his “yes” to God, he didn’t realize the ram was easily taking the heights as well.  When the questions blared in his own mind and then from his only son, he didn’t know the answers.  He kept climbing the staggering, uneven Way…knowing his God…but not knowing about the ram.  When, with wearying strength, he lifted the knife to kill his very heart, he had no idea the ram was right there, on the other side of the most difficult peak he had ever faced.  Then, “HE LOOKED UP.”  He “looked up”…and he knew what God had known all along…i keep thinking about that ram.  It’s something to think about…                                               Genesis 22



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