hidden, longing to be found…


your chin is up,

your big smile is bright

but is this truly  you

or is reality the dark of night?


you bend your knees

but can you still stand on your own?

the glass over your eyes

tells me there’s more you haven’t shown.


your heart is broken 

over things whispered in your ears,

and it’s loud, believable

but it’s not truth, it’s just your lying fears.


you keep holding on,

even though you feel put on a shelf,

yet deep down you know,

you know, don’t ya know, there’s more to life than yourself?


put it out there-

let the real you be shown,

the path of vulnerability

is the only way you’ll truly be known


so, you, girl,

you-the one with life weighing you down

and life keeping you up,

don’t ya know what the lost feels when she’s found?


she’s worth the searching,

her absence an utter loss–

determined to find her,

she’s found at a cost.


that’s you, daughter,

afraid to be found

but hearing your name,

you start turning around.


let the walls down,

let the fig leaves fall,

and tell of your pain

then listen…for His call.


it seems unbelievable,

but, really, it’s true

the greatest Love died

to show love to you.


night gives way

to dawn of light

the fear you’ve lived

is now made right.


utter “thank you”

in every wilderness you walk,

for He has allured you

so that in kindness to your heart He may talk.


*inspired by Hosea 2:19








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