Monthly Archives: March 2013

To the women of Intown: Thank you!


Insecure, unsure, I came to you

Wondering why you’d thought of me;

Still not sure of what I was going to do

But, there in that small room, I felt free.


Through you His love was all around

I was to speak about that love;

That we’ve all been lost, and we’ve been found

I knew it would only happen if it came from above.


You told stories that spoke of pain,

Faithfully, you told us when life was dim;

You told of rainbows after the rain–

Saying the rainbow AND the rain were from Him.


We were taken from our struggles

By the laughter you brought,

For a while forgetting our troubles

In the light of happy thoughts.


All your voices in song–

I thought how it blessed God.

So beautiful and strong,

We gave Him applause.


Again, He whispered, “It’s not about you,

Just  trust Me as they have done;

I can speak through a mule,

Just open your mouth & talk about my Son.”


Thank you, Intown girls, my friends,

for inviting me into your love,

Reminding me His faithfulness never ends–

That all good things come from above.

6 minutes of Praise…BE BLESSED!!: