To the women of Intown: Thank you!


Insecure, unsure, I came to you

Wondering why you’d thought of me;

Still not sure of what I was going to do

But, there in that small room, I felt free.


Through you His love was all around

I was to speak about that love;

That we’ve all been lost, and we’ve been found

I knew it would only happen if it came from above.


You told stories that spoke of pain,

Faithfully, you told us when life was dim;

You told of rainbows after the rain–

Saying the rainbow AND the rain were from Him.


We were taken from our struggles

By the laughter you brought,

For a while forgetting our troubles

In the light of happy thoughts.


All your voices in song–

I thought how it blessed God.

So beautiful and strong,

We gave Him applause.


Again, He whispered, “It’s not about you,

Just  trust Me as they have done;

I can speak through a mule,

Just open your mouth & talk about my Son.”


Thank you, Intown girls, my friends,

for inviting me into your love,

Reminding me His faithfulness never ends–

That all good things come from above.

6 minutes of Praise…BE BLESSED!!:

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    • Betsy, we all missed you! But, Congrats to Brian!! I know Orlando was a looooong trip with the children, but what a big celebration!!

  1. awww, this is so sweet!
    thank YOU for reminding us that his faithfulness never ends and that all good things are from above. you are one awesome jesus loving babe! 🙂

    • and you are one awesome encourager…so sad that I was so behind this weekend, that I couldn’t hang with you….let’s plan Panera in a few weeks!!

  2. Dear Jill, thanks again! One of my biggest “take aways” from the weekend that the Lord shared through you was to praise Him in all things. I can hear you talking about your friend Allison now as you were sharing a frustrating moment with her.. “well you just need to get down on your knees and praise Jesus for that!” AMEN, sister! Praying God will continue to remind me and all my sisters to do just that.

    • Beth, It was such an encouragement to see you and your sweet little one. You have been so dear to encourage me throughout the retreat and even now. Yes, Allison’s praise response to my problem really impacted my thinking and my heart. She continues to help me grow in that area! God bless you and Jason and your little ones. Charles and i love you so much!

  3. Hey Jill –
    Thank you so much for sharing your time and gifts with us this weekend! The Lord worked through your story in mighty ways! You’re one special lady! I hope you continue to stay on the mend from all the sickness, and you get some much deserved rest this week!

    • Angela, thank you for your encouragement. I really loved being with y’all–just wish my throat wasn’t so bad, b/c I would have loved more one-on-one time getting to know everyone better. God bless you! Jill

  4. Your authentic heart blesses me!!!!!! Thank you for writing about Jesus and blessing us all with the gifts He has given you! My heart was with you on the retreat – wish I could’ve been with you in person! I KNOW it was AWESOME!!! I love you!!!

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