Gift yourself….


It took hours for me to prepare for this money-making venture.  And some considerable emotional out-put!  I scanned everything again and again…thinking through life without each item.  Painful.  However, I was pretty proud of myself when I filled my trunk with potential re-sales…consignment clothes.  It took me three trips to carry all the clothes into the shop.  My blood was pumping at the idea of how much money I might make!  After the third trip, I proudly stood before the store clerk who was completing her study of my goods.  I felt a drum-beat in my heart as she looked up to tell me how wonderful my clothes were.  Then she looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry we can’t take any of this.”  My first reaction was humiliation, but then I thought, “But wait, I just wore some of this last week!!”  Thankfully, I didn’t say that out loud to heighten my humiliation!

This morning that memory made me laugh out loud.  It was a gift.consignment

Give yourself a gift today.

It’s a gift only YOU can give yourself.

Laugh at yourself!  Just laugh.

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  1. Jill! The same, exact thing just happened to me! Those consignment folks are tough. They just didn’t recognize just how cute and stylish you are!


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