The first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks: “What is the chief end of man?”

The answer:  “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”Westerminster_catechism_first_page

I’ve been thinking about that.  Thinking about enjoying God…and, so, bringing Him glory.

I’ve been asking Him…God how do I enjoy you?  How do you want me to enjoy you?  What does it look like?

I think maybe He pointed to how I enjoy my children.

It warms my heart to see  our boys joyful and laughing.  I love it when they share their lives with me.  It means a lot to me when they comment on a good meal I made, thank me for doing their laundry, or just sit with me silently as we enjoy something together.  They show me love when they obey me. The best feeling in the world is when they hug me, just because they want to.  When they are sad, it blesses me when they share their troubles with me.  And it’s nice when they just appreciate ME, just because I’m me and I am their mom.

God is answering my prayers.  He is teaching me how to enjoy Him.  I am already experiencing the blessing of it!  For this school year my goal is just to enjoy God!  As I walked along the Greenway this morning I saw so much beauty–4 deer, 2 blue herons, brown bunnies, lots of squirrels, a beautiful creek, gorgeous greenery.  We enjoyed it together and I thanked Him for being so creative.baby deer 2011 003 Later, I listened to music and danced while I was cleaning the kitchen…I raised my hands to Him, I think maybe He danced with me!  As I made beds, folded laundry, grocery shopped, He gave me joy in being able to serve my family.  He said, “Jill, if you do it for the least of these, you do it for Me.”  I had a chat with the clerk at QT and HE flooded me with love for her.  I though that was pretty cool.  I talked to Him about some things I’m concerned about it and He reminded me that He’s got it.  I talked to Him about my lack of love, my selfishness and asked for forgiveness.  He said, “done.”  As I ran errands I was thinking about how much I want to be more like Him.  He said, “rest…enjoy.”  So, I am.

How about you…have you just enjoyed God lately?  I’m pretty sure He wants to enjoy you too.

Share in the “comments” section how you are enjoying God!

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  1. Loved this entry, Jill. How I love to worship Him in the creation He spoke into being. I have been enjoying a giant spider web that is such a lovely work of art and am filled with wonder. The gorgeous hummingbird at our feeder takes my breath away! “Thank you, Lord, for the splendor and display of our glory!” I am working on walking in gratitude and joy. God has. Fought me to a place of contentment (at last!) and I am comfortable in my own skin. Yay God! It has been a long time coming. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Love, Karla

  2. Jill, thanks SO much for this post. This speaks to me more than you know. I have felt VERY distant from God for a long time now. I am struggling to have the confidence that He is taking care of my son and walks along side of him everyday at school.

    In Him, Ann

    • Ann, I am so glad that what God is doing in my life blessed you! Ask Him to bring you closer and to give you confidence in Him re: your son…He REALLY WILL answer…just be looking for it!

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