Hello again!


Hi my friends!  I’ve missed connecting with you!

God has been working with my heart…as always!  Sometimes, God gives us messages from our stories that come easily, just like putting pen to paper.  Other times, however, He forges testimonies of Himself & His power, faithfulness, & grace into our souls with heat and hammering.

Either way, the resulting proclamation is of an unusual God with uncommon love. And this beautiful commentary to a hurting, striving, empty world as well as to His weary, forgetful children is worth any pain that brought it forth.

God’s story is always what His children’s stories point to and reveal.  As I continue to share my story with you, I hope He is what you will see.  Sometimes His work in me has been joyful & free, other times, well, not so much!!  But, HE HAS KEPT ME as He also keeps you.

I love this recent song from Amy Grant…raise your hands and sing hallelujah or cry out to Him in need, both bring Him praise:

May our lives shout “hallelujah” to God in every sunny & stormy day…and may we encourage each other in this purpose.



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  1. AMEN! AMEN, Beautiful Daughter of the Most High God (DMHG)
    Forever because He lives
    PS thinking of you every day at 2
    sending plenty of XOXO too

  2. thANK YOU, JILL!
    I love peekin’ into your heart as well as the priveledge of
    “gleaning” truth you’ve learned. Thank you for permitting the use of your “field”.

  3. Thank you, Jill, for reminding us that our God is faithful!!! I have missed seeing you at church….we must go to different services. Anyway, I love you and yours, and I am reminded from your post that it pleases our heavenly Father when we NEED Him! Happy Easter to you and all of your family! HE IS RISEN!! With so much love, Barbara Barbara Mansfield 404-427-0879 lbmansfield@me.com

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