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Paradigm shifts and pig-pens…


Jesus is the paradigm-shifter of all time.

He turned society on its head.  He literally changed time. He was (& is) the word that recreates everything. He has a way of turning things upside-down (i.e. Heaven on Earth).

He’s the paradigm-shifter AND the pig-pen user.

Yeah, pig-pens don’t make Him panic.  Pig-pens are portals to show his power.  Pig-pens are not Plan B.

Do you ever feel like you are in the pig-pen?

pig pen

I have.  I’m not even totally sure how I get there most of the time.  But I end up dirty, smelly, hungry and needy in every way.

Then, when I “come to my senses” (Lk 15:17), I think, “He won’t be able to endure my stench, I’m too dirty, and heck, I deserve to be needy after what I’ve done.  Daddy can’t welcome me now.  He must be so disgusted with me.  But I really want to go HOME.”

And, upon turning toward home, I see Him. Even while I’m a “long way off” (Lk. 15:20), I can make Him out, and I am shocked & astounded.  He’s running, yes running, toward me, arms open wide.

I might still smell like the pig-pen.  Pig-poo may still be stuck to my shoes.  But, oh how I wish I was clean when I first see Him.

But remembering my Father & home–this–has turned me toward home. And He is welcoming me. He never even mentions the odor or the poo!  He welcomes my need. My need to be clean, to let Him provide for me, and especially my need to focus on Him rather than myself for even a chance at true joy!

And once again, His love has shifted my entire experience. From the pig-pen to the party………… Only Jesus.

thoughts from my heart on Luke 15