Today, I’m just so overwhelmed by the gospel!

The Truth would be just so incredibly Unbelievable, if HE had not struck my heart & made me believe.

And now, well, now…..It’s all true, every moment of every day….


Lump in my throat, unbelievable….truly unbelievable for a wretch like me.

NO SIN TOO BIG, no thought too hideous, no pride, hate, resentment, worry….NOTHING of my sin has NOT been nailed to the cross, taken by the Son of God who took my shame & my judgement to grant me love and acceptance.  It really is too wild and crazy to absorb, except that He bought me and He brought me to Himself.



God loves me as much this moment as He ever has or ever will, and that love has never, nor will ever dim.

I’m REDEEMED and everything in my life is REDEEMABLE.

HUH?  There is no tragedy, no loss, no mistake, no fear, nothing He can’t handle and nothing He can’t use for His glory.  Yeah, even “that thing….”



The Gospel–the grace and truth of Jesus Christ is overwhelming.  Many days I might treat it as a small thought, a man’s dollar, a little girl’s doll.  I might minimize it and put it to the side so I can get on with my to-do list, my motherly worries, my petty jealousies and idolatries.

Francis Chan comments, “The irony is that while God doesn’t need us but still wants us, we desperately need God but don’t really want Him most of the time.”

But not today. Today His goodness is flooding all that I am and all that I am doing. Today, His whisper has a megaphone. Today, it really is abundantly more than I can imagine.

It’s really true.

I hope the waterfall of this truth will wash over you, refresh you, & cause you to raise your hands to enjoy it’s beauty.

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