To fear, my friend


This morning when reading Spurgeon’s thoughts on Psalm 56:3-4: “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee.  In God whose word I praise, In God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid,” I loved that He called fear which drives us to God a “blessed fear.”  So I penned these short words:


Oh blessed fear,

I desired you not

For you only come here

When life is fraught.


Oh blessed fear,

You bring a twilight–

Light and darkness in one sphere,

Unsettling the balance, nothing right.


Oh blessed fear,

Slowly I’m seeing

You, may be more dear,

You help my believing.


Oh blessed fear,

This, why I bless

When you come near,

Faith does agress.


Oh blessed fear,

I can call you friend

You coming near,

Brings faith in the end.


Oh blessed fear,

Together we’ll run

With heartache and tears,

To Jesus, the son.

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  1. Beautiful Jill. Why fear seems to be a constant among us christians I don’t know. God calls us to live a fearless life, and like you, I feel it pacing right beside me much of the time. Thanks for your vulnerability and brave heart. I so appreciate you. ~xovirginia

  2. thank you I have printed it off and will read it!!
    missing you
    this is one of my favorite scriptures!

    Because He lives,
    Eileen Konigsberg
    Second Grade Teacher
    Perimeter Christian School

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