still a girl, yet a woman…

                                                                                                 7 men, my love and six sons…


                                a friend and a wannabe…                                                                                                                           

                              survivor, struggler, sinner, saint…


   prayer, worrier, writer, dancer…


                              laugher, lover, mistake-maker….

                                                                                           encourager, studier, teacher, exerciser…

                                               undefinable, as are we all

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  1. I found you Jill! And what a good place to be. Congrats on a new endeavor. May God multiply your intentions and fill your thoughts and words with His Spirits to encourage those who land here.

  2. I just feel giddy to have found your blog (through April McGaughey Barber) and to see your face and family (what a GORGEOUS group of boys you have!!!). Can’t wait to learn from you once again!
    Becky Cheely Kicklighter

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