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A lane, a path, a trail….we’re all headed somewhere.


In the car, creeping along in bumper to bumper traffic, I wonder, “Where is everybody going?”  The man on his phone in the BMW next to me, the mom and young kids I see in my rearview mirror, and the utility truck driver in front of me…where are they headed?  What about myself…I pondered….where am I headed?  The question became more existential.  Each person is headed somewhere to accomplish certain things in life, build relationships, face fears, build hopes.  And getting there takes one step at a time. One small decision, then the next, then another…

hmmmm….small decisions….what ones had I made today?  I decided to get out of bed on time, see the boys and pastor hubby off, start the laundry and sit down to spend time in God’s word.  But then I decided to answer the phone and chit chat for a while.  My quiet time went south.  For a little while I decided to wallow in self-pity and believe the lies the evil one fed me.  Then there was that decision to eat the cookies…..hmmm, looking back I realized I made some missteps.  I called my friend to encourage her, I greeted my husband with a hug and a listening ear, I patiently helped with 6th grade math (which I already don’t understand!!).  So, there were some good calls too.  Based on decisions today, where am I headed?  Is it to a place I want to be, a person I want to become?  How will my evaluation of this day aid me in my tomorrow?  Are there a few sure decisions I’d like to see in every step, every day?  Those would be decisions based on all that I value most in life.  And, what do I do when I feel like i’m walking blind or took a wrong turn?  One thing I know, no matter how rough the road is, how far from our dreams we travel, the number of regrets we carry, or how deep the valleys..we’ve gotta keep on walking and keep on looking to the Path Maker.  Keep the faith:

“All the way my Savior leads me,

and cheers each winding path I tread,

gives me grace for every trial

feeds me with the  living bread”

–written by Fanny Crosby, blind since childhood

   To listen to this faith-building song  go here:   

The path I'm on

The path I dream of